High quality and precision as synonyms
to long-lasting dependability

About us

We are specialized in the design and production of bespoke hydraulic press machines and cylinders of large dimensions as well as in mechanical machining. We are equipped with modern tools and CNC machines.

We have also designed and produced innovative tool post grinders for CNC lathes, also leveraging driven tool holders, achieving high-precision finishing with roughness not exceeding Ra=0.2. Our tool post grinders – T-REX and T-REX DRIVEN – have been designed with the aim to optimize and innovate traditional grinding methods allowing for precise finishing. T-REX and T-REX DRIVEN allow to also reach excellent results whenever it is not possible to use high-speed cut due to interrupted cutting surfaces or due to the conformation of the parts to finish.

Our products are used in many fields, such as shipbuilding, iron and steel industry, dams building. We are usually active in the designing phase, but we can also work on the basis of our clients’ designs.

We put quality and dependability at the forefront of everything we produce, aiming to offer excellent services and products to our clients.



Our journey started in March 2000. Since the beginning, our firm has been evolving and growing, following the dynamics of the industry. However, we have never forgotten our origins, which stem from the entrepreneurial spirit, typical of the area around Venice where we come from.

Our company was born thanks to the two founding families, Fagotto and Baratella, who have been playing an important role in our area of origin since the second post-war period.

On the one hand, Corrado Fagotto, father to Virgilio Fagotto, co-founder of BF Hydraulics S.r.l., founded his first company in 1958. He was active in designing and producing bespoke hydraulic press machines and industrial plants reaching both the Italian and the international markets until 2000. Corrado Fagotto was awarded with “Premio Gervino”, a prestigious recognition to entrepreneurship from his native town.

On the other hand, the family of the other two co-founders, Diego and Domenico, was active in the carpentry industry since the second post-war period until the 1990s with operations counting more than 100 employees.

Proactivity, flexibility and dynamism are our key words. Day by day we have been investing in cutting-edge technology, which allow us to be trustworthy supplier for our clients.



Our future path stems from our history and experience.

We believe that high quality and precision are synonym to long-lasting dependability.

We are proud of working with companies who share our values and appreciate our expertise coming from years of experience in the industry.



We aim to offer dependability, professionalism and expertise to our Italian and international clients.

We aim to design and produce solutions, which meet our clients’ needs through our modern equipment.

We aim to build customer loyalty through close collaboration and bespoke solutions.